Andrew Cuomo calls $2 trillion relief bill ‘terrible’ for New York

Andrew Cuomo calls $2 trillion relief bill 'terrible' for New York

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo slammed the Senate's new coronavirus relief bill, saying it would not be enough to fund the fight against the outbreak in his state.

“The Senate is considering a $2 trillion bill, which is quote-unquote ‘relief’ for business, individuals, and governments,” the New York Democrat said Wednesday during a daily briefing. “It would really be terrible for the state of New York.”

“It means $3.8 billion. $3.8 billion sounds like a lot of money, but we’re looking at a revenue shortfall of $15 billion. This response to this virus has probably already cost us $1 billion, and it will probably cost us several billion dollars when we’re done,” he added.

Cuomo said the $1.3 billion New York City would get is “a drop in the bucket as to need.” His comments on the bill differed from New York Sen. Chuck Schumer, who called the relief package a “great start.”

“We got a Marshall Plan for hospitals,” the Senate majority leader said. “This is a very good bill.”

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The Senate announced its relief package on Wednesday morning, which included $350 billion in small business loans along with $150 billion for state and local governments. The bill also includes direct cash payments of $1,200 for individuals and an average of $3,000 for families.

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