‘I’m Going to Take You Down’: Biden Threatens Gun Makers at South Carolina Rally


During the Monday night speech in South Carolina, Democrat presidential aspirant Joe Biden referenced gun makers and stated, “I’m going to take you down.”

He said this assertion after referencing the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (2005). The PLCAA is made to shield firearm manufacturers from lawsuits in scenarios where guns in question had been legally made and legally sold.

The Ex-Vice President has repeatedly condemned the existence of that law in the campaign trail, most recently in Las Vegas on February 19, and also in New Hampshire earlier in the month.

Biden’s New Hampshire remarks, where he said it was a “mistake” to give “gun manufacturers … a loophole that does not allow them to be sued for the carnage they are creating.”

He added, “The first thing I’m going to do as president is work to get rid of that, and it’s going to be hard.”

Biden gone even more during his February 24, 2020, South Carolina speech, stating, “I’ve got news for you gun manufacturers. I’m coming for you and I’m going to take you down.”


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